Updating my Galaxy Tab S 8.4 to AOKP

Updating my Galaxy Tab S 8.4 to AOKP

I finally got fed up with my Galaxy Tab S running like a dog and always running out of space. I decided it was time to put something a little more vanilla onto the tablet and blow away all of the Samsung provided goodness bloatware.

To do this, I went through the following steps:

  1. Track down, or grab the micro SD card out of your tablet, you will need this later
  2. Download ODIN to my PC, after much searching I found it here.  Currently the latest version I could find is 3.12.3
  3. Install ODIN on your PC
  4. Download TWRP from here.  Note this is for the LTE (5G) version of the tablet.  The wrong version can brick your device
  5. Grab the .zip for AOKP from here.  Click on the HeroLTE link and then make sure you get go to AOKP->SM-T705 and download the Zip file.
  6. Go back to here if you don’t still have that tab open and grab GApps as well (more on this later)
  7. Copy the two file above onto a folder on your SD card.  If you do step 9 before this you may think you have bricked your tablet but it’s not so bad.
  8. I followed these instructions, from step 3 onwards.  At step 10 you may have to hold the power+vol down buttons down to get the tablet to power off.  It is important that you then boot into recovery mode to make TWRP stick.
  9. In TWRP I selected WIPE and did the swipe to wipe the data, cache and dalvik.  I also did a format data.  BEFORE you
  10. Insert the SD card you prepared earlier into your tablet
  11. Choose Install in TWRP and browse to external_sd/<your folder> and pick the zip for AOKP
  12. Select the option to queue another install and select the GAPPs
  13. Wait for the installs to finish and then reboot your tablet

You should now have a tab S running AOKP Nougat, with the bonus of running google assistant.

After this, I installed the Open GApps app from the play store, went into it and installed the lastest stock version.  Strangely, after doing this, I had the Pixel UI on my tablet, added bonus.

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