Retropie – Pi 3 makes a big difference

Retropie – Pi 3 makes a big difference

Last week I decided to upgrade the Raspberry Pi that was running my instance of Retropie. I replaced my original Pi 1 with a much more up to date Pi 3. As I have all my ROMS on an external hard drive this was a very easy swap over. I downloaded the Pi 3 distribution of RetroPie onto a micro SD card and inserted this into the Pi 3. It was then a simple plug for plug replacement swapping the 1 for the 3.

The first time I booted it up it happened so fast I wondered what was going on. I have to say this is working much better on the Pi 3 with vastly improved audio across Mame and NES titles and GBA titles playing much smoother.

Now I will have to try some of the other emulators available on Retropie. These include the SNES and Amiga emulators. I may have to steal David’s bluetooth keyboard to give these a try.

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