Two grades up, I have some catching to do

Two grades up, I have some catching to do

No photo on this one yet as I haven’t stolen one off Wendy but David had another successful grading on Sunday.  He is now 7th Kyu (Orange belt), so he is two grades ahead of me.  Well, until tomorrow night anyway when I should get my 7th Kyu Ho marking the halfway point to my 7th Kyu.

David was a lot more nervous on Sunday than I expected him to be.  We finally got there, registered and into the Dojo.  He seemed to settle down once he got into the routine of the grading which is just like a big class, albeit with 114 students in it.  He was also happier when our Sensei delivered gloves, shin pads and groin guards to us which we had been waiting for.

He got to do his first kumite (fighting) during the grading and had the hugest smile on his face.  We are both hoping to get some training and do the state championships at the end of October.

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