Catching Up

Catching Up

I guess this post is well overdue, as I graded to 7th Kyu Ho several weeks ago.  So now I am a yellow belt with an orange tip and David is an Orange belt.  Hopefully I will grade to orange early next month.

David and my big focus at the moment is a tournament coming up this weekend.  We are both entered in kata and kumite (sparring) and I think we are both getting more and more nervous the closer it gets.  I am pretty sure I have my kata down pat, and David will do well as long as he remembers to keep is back hand up.  As for kumite, neither of us has done enough sparring in class to feel totally comfortable with it.

Worst case we will come home empty handed having done a new experience.  Best case would be several medal’s between us.  We will have to wait and see.

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