CReality CR-10S 3D Printer

CReality CR-10S 3D Printer

I recently purchased a CReality CR-10S 3D printer from a local ebay supplier. The two main drivers for this were build space and also supportability and accuracy of printing vs my existing Vector V3 printer. 

My build volume has increased from a 120x120x150mm build volume to a 300x300x400 which is a substantial distance in space and allows me to print items in a single print that I would previously have had to split into multiple parts and then build together.

The new printer has dual z-axis stepper motors plus v-slot carriage rather than the linear bearings in my old printer. Initial tests showed that it printed much better quality than the older V3 printer.


The printer arrived in a surprisingly small package for something with such a large build volume. After unpacking and checking that everything was there is was a reasonably simple task to connect the upper frame to the base plate and then connect all of the cables to the control box (even if I did get one pair the wrong way round).

First Print

That cool Creality Cat… what more can I say:

Creality Cat

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