A New Belt for Father’s Day

A New Belt for Father’s Day

This pbeltost is a little late but I thought I would put something up about my father’s day weekend.  It started off as pretty much any normal weekend with me getting up on Saturday morning to go to karate training.  Two big differences happened here.  The first is that I only did one hours training rather than two, the other is that I picked up a grading slip for the grading session on the Sunday.

After karate I went home, had a quick lunch and then went out to train (yup, more karate) with a large group of people and Kancho Sullivan.  This was a very enlightening session and amazing to train under the gentleman who created the style of karate I do.  I was very impressed by his honesty and how humble he came across as.  It is also good to see that he is constantly reviewing the system to take into account some of us more “senior” students.

Sunday was grading day.  This started off brilliantly with some awesome presents from Wendy and David in the morning.  I have been hanging out for grading for months and also, strangely enough, losing confidence over each of the couple of months leading up to the grading.  To be honest, I wasn’t happy with my performance at grading especially in some of the basics.  I think my body was telling me I had put too much into the previous day.  Somehow, despite some silly mistakes, I managed to scrape through and get a nice shiny new belt to add to my list of father’s day presents.

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