First Day of Basketball Today

First Day of Basketball Today

David has decided to try a new sport this year.  After trying the Aussie Hoops program over the Christmas break he really got into it and decided to join a team.  The guys running Aussie Hoops decided to create a new team with the kids from the Aussie Hoops group.  This new team is called the Cranbourne Bulls.

The first training for the season was held last Saturday the 4th of Feb.  During the training we needed some parents to step up as Manager, Coach and Scorer.  I don’t think I stepped back fast enough as I am now the coach of the Cranbourne Bulls.  This should be a lot of fun considering I haven’t played basketball since high school which was some time last century.

The first game was held today.  At the whistle we had just got four kids turn up out of a team of eight.  Chris from the basketball association is helping get the team started and point me in the right line for coaching these kids.  The comment for today was “as long as they are running in the right direction I will be happy”.

The whistle blew, the game started, and unbelievably the kids did really well.  They not only ran in the right direction, most of them remembered to dribble the ball, we had the occasional pass and even shots at goal.  There were a lot of grins on the boys faces at timeouts and half time.  They were really enjoying themselves.  With appropriate prompting from Chris I was even having fun, running around the court telling the boys to keep their hands up, pass the ball and… SHOOT DAMMIT, oops did I say that out loud.

The final score was 0 – 12 against us with 5 team fouls to 1 which was a really good result for these guys.  For a first match ever for all of them, and probably their first competitive sport match as well I was really impressed.  Onwards and Upwards.

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