Bulls are Getting Better

Bulls are Getting Better

The Bulls had there second game yesterday.  We arrived ten minutes early and the boys were given their uniforms.  All of the kids went for personalised shirts with their names on the back as can be seen by the attached photos.

We had eight players for this game which meant the guys could have a break during the match.  I was worried beforehand about how and when I was going to rotate players but it turned out to be reasonably easy.  I just watched for boys that were dragging their feet or not watching the game as much as they should and swapped them out.  We have a young girl, 12 years old with five years or so playing experience, helping with the coaching and between us we got a good rotation going.

The highlight for me, as a dad not the coach, was when David scored the first points that the Bulls had ever scored.  I think at that stage we were down 0 – 8 so he took it to 2 – 8.  Chad, the smallest player on the team did some really good work getting three breakaway goals which is when we found there is a limit to how much each kid is allowed to score in under 8’s which is six points.  After explaining this to Chad I then had to explain to the other players to stop giving him the ball to score.

The final result was 10 – 18 which, for their second game ever, is a fantastic result and something all of the boys and their parents should be proud of.

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