Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice

David and Mickey

Yesterday David and Wendy jumped on the train at the same time as me to go into the city for a fun day out.  Having company on the train made the boring commute into the city a little more interesting than normal although David ended up on his 3DS pretty quickly.

In the city David and Wendy wandered off to the aquarium while I had the joy of going into work.  From all accounts they had a lot of fun at the aquarium with David’s favourite animals being the penguins.

After the aquarium they joined me for lunch which we had in a rather chaotic food court on Collins St.  As David had filled up on junk at the aquarium (popcorn) he only had a smoothy.

After lunch I put them on the tram to get to Hisense arena for the show.  Based on their reactions plus the programme from the show I imagine it was fantastic.

We met up again at Flinders St Station for the train ride home.  David was a lot quieter on this leg of the trip, not sure why.  He was worn out after his long day.  We had pizza for dinner and then he crashed.

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